RadioAstron Announcement of Opportunity - 7

The space VLBI Mission RadioAstron, led by the Astro Space Center (ASC) of Lebedev Physical Institute, provides a range of specific and unique capabilities for detecting and imaging sources of cosmic radio emission at the highest angular resolution. The optimal utilization of these capabilities relies on the construction and execution of a balanced scientific program for the Mission. Proposals are invited for the RadioAstron Key Science Program and General Observing Time experiments to be submitted by 21 January 2019, 23:59 UT, to the Mission, and to ground radio telescopes required for the specific observations by their respective proposal deadlines. AO-7 observations will be performed between July 2019 and June 2020 inclusive.

Proposals are to be submitted by e-mail as single pdf files to the address:

List of AO-7 related documents

  • The RadioAstron Announcement of Opportunity - 7;
  • The RadioAstron User Handbook;
  • Full Proposal template: LaTeX file and pdf file;
  • All-sky uv-coverage simulations with Pushchino and Green Bank tracking stations (pdf file) and the full AO-7 RadioAstron uv-coverage for selected tergets (zip archive);
  • ASCII table with RadioAstron AO-7 visibility prediction for selected targets from the RadioAstron list of observed sources and its visual representation (pdf file);
  • Fakerat full binary package (is tested to work with most Linux distributions) including installation README, manual, and predicted RadioAstron orbit for AO-7 after correction in late May 2019;
  • RadioAstron observations status summary;
  • All documents collected together in a zip-file.
  • Also see acknowledgments for RadioAstron publications.
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