Usefull Links

Internet resources, WWW, and more...

The WWW:

  • The World Wide Web initiative and what's out there
  • The best Web client: Netscape
  • The Mosaic Home Page and Mosaic Documentation
  • NCSA's Mosaic Demo Document and Starting Points for Internet Exploration
  • What's New with NCSA Mosaic and the Internet
  • Internet Resources Meta-Index at NCSA
  • To contribute to the BIMA WWW, please read the Style Guide for Online Hypertext as well as the the HTML Beginner's Guide.
  • Astronomical resources on the Internet:

  • NRAO list of astronomical resources
  • STScI list of astronomical resources
  • Star Formation newsletter (
  • ADS Abstract Service
  • AAS
  • IAU : Recommendations for Nomenclature
  • Weather:

  • U of Illinois Weather World which includes:
  • Purdue Weather Processor
  • U. of Minnesota Weather information including:

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