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There are a lot of resources on the net available to Gravis Ultrasound ("GUS") users. This page is an attempt to keep them all listed in one place. If you know of anything I've missed, please email me.

Stupid Disclaimer To Keep Lawyers Happy

None of the GUS resources or the people running them are owned or operated by Advanced Gravis Technologies, Inc. Don't blame us if anything here is wrong. Don't blame us if you to do something stupid. Any dumb things you do are your own fault.

The GUS FAQ and the G-List:

If you haven't read it yet, please get the GUS FAQ. Chances are any questions you have will be answered there. Also, the G-List will help you with getting games to work with the GUS, as well as lists of demos and music file players.

Mailing Lists:

USENET Newsgroups:

Other GUS-Related WWW Sites:

Gopher Sites:

FTP Sites:

[NOTE: If you can't access the FTP site in your area, try again later. They are public sites, and probably have limits on how many people can access them at once. Please DO NOT access sites that aren't in your area.]

Mail server for FTP access:

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