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General Information about the E-Print Archives is a fully automated electronic archive and distribution server for research papers.

Started in Aug 1991, it provides an archive for distribution of electronic preprints. Subscribers automatically receive a listing of title/author/abstract information for newly submitted papers on days papers are received, and can retrieve the full papers from the archive. In addition, the archive provides for distribution list maintenance, paper updating, macro package archiving, and primitive searching of papers.

E-mail commands to the system should be sent to (where arch-ive@... is replaced by the archive of interest, as listed below), with the command in the subject field (e.g., Subject: help ). Outgoing mail from the e-print archive has the username `no-reply' to avoid problems due to occasional mail that bounces back. Only one command at a time is accepted.

e-mail addresses of some archives:

Physics             High Energy Physics - Theory, 8/91            High Energy Physics - Lattice, 2/92             High Energy Physics - Phenomenology, 3/92           Condensed Matter, 4/92           Astrophysics, 4/92              General Relativity & Quantum Cosmology, 7/92            Nuclear Theory, 10/92            Chemical Physics, 3/94             High Energy Physics - Experiment, 4/94           Superconductivity, 11/94           Accelerator Physics, 11/94            Materials Theory, 11/94           Quantum Physics, 12/94            Nuclear Experiment, 12/94           Plasma Physics, 9/95            Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics, 9/95
Mathematics  Algebraic Geometry, 2/92           Functional Analysis, 4/92                  Differential Geometry, 6/94     Quantum Algebra & Topology, 12/94
Other           Nonlinear Sciences, 1/93             Computation and Language, 4/94             Atmospheric-Oceanic Sciences, 2/95             e-mail address database,