Data Processing

S2 or VLBA tapes containing the astronomical data recorded at tracking stations and ground radio telescopes must be sent to correlation center chosen by the principal investigator (PI). The tapes (disks) will be accompanied with the log files containing calibration data, Doppler residuals from up-down link system, and the history of events.

There are four correlators, which will be able to process RadioAstron data: DRAO S2-correlators in Canada, NRAO VLBA-correlator in USA, and Mitaka correlator in Japan. Construction of the 6-stations HDD correlator is begun in Moscow (ASC). Correlated data will be stored in a standard FITS format and may be send for post processing to the institution chosen by PI.

Master Data Base (MDB) will store and distribute all data, concerning with science observation plan, executed events, orbit determination, etc. MDB will be established on the dedicated computer, mounted in ASC (Moscow).

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