of the XXVII RadioAstron Meeting
Moscow, September 25-27, 2002

The meeting was hosted by the Astro Space Center, Moscow, Russia

The purpose of the meeting was to review the current status of project development and to discuss working plan for international cooperation on the stage of preparation to the launch.

22 foreign specialists participated in the meeting representing Australia, Canada, China, Finland, Japan, the Netherlands, Ukraine, United Kingdom, and USA. More than 50 participants represented Russia. Meeting agenda and list of participants are attached to the Minutes.

Meeting participants visited Lavochkin Association where they inspected the process of assembling and tuning of the SRT and tests of engineering model of SPECTR-R spacecraft. They also visited Flight Control Center which will be responsible for operations with the spacecraft SPEKTR-R during the mission flight.

Main discussions were held at the ASC. There were 19 presentations done concerning general time-line of the project development, current results of tests, requirements to ground facilities, parameters of high-apogee orbit, and scientific profile of the mission. Possible support for the project from international partners and international cooperation were also discussed.

At the meeting in Russian Aviation and Space Agency deputy director general G.M.Polishuk had informed participants that RadioAstron project has the highest priority among other scientific space projects of Russian Academy of Science. He had ensured participants that during next years necessary funding for project development are expected to be provided, and the date of the launch of SPEKTR-R spacecraft is scheduled for 15 March 2006.

In order to facilitate international cooperation in project development the following working groups were established with suggested co-chairmen:

The following action items were formulated as a result of discussion:

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