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The aim of this document is to describe the interfaces among the various elements of the RadioAstron Mission.

For each item exchanged by mission elements, this handbook details:

the what (a brief description of the item),

the how (the format and naming convention),

the when (the timescale for the exchange), and

the where (the exchange mechanism or location of the file).

Items are divided into sections depending on the element producing the item. These are somewhat arbitrarily separated into pre-- and post-observation sections for the RSOG (RadioAstron Science Operations Group), GOCG(General Operative Control Group) and Navigation groups to give a more chronological feel to the document.

References in the text to documentation relating to formats, naming conventions etc. are given in full in together with the locations of the documents, most of which can be obtained electronically. Internal procedures within each mission element are not described here, though references to these are given where possible.

This handbook will continue evolving during the mission development and in its early stages. Please e-mail any comments, corrections or suggestions regarding this handbook to

This handbook is based on the VSOP Mission Operation Handbook. File formats, naming, and structure of FTP sites for operation elements used in VSOP are conserved, but new features, related to satellite control and orbit determination are introduced into the document.

Thanks to those who have helped bring the document to its present form: Philip Edwards, Brent Carlson, Jim Lovell, George Moellenbrock, Yasuhiro Murata, David Murphy, Glen Langston, Deborah Traub, Jim Ulvestad, Alex Wiercigroch, Rick Wietfeldt, Yurii Ponomarev, Alexander Pimakov, Mikhail Artyukhov and those who have commented on, or corrected, previous editions.

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