RadioAstron Science Program Working Group

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Earlier this year the Russian Space Agency has decided to give the RadioAstron mission first priority among all Russian scientific space projects. As a result, financing of the project has increased and a preliminary date of lunch is approved for March 15, 2006. At the last RadioAstron meeting which was held in Moscow, in September 2002, we organized six Working Groups to facilitate the planning of the mission.  One of these is the RadioAstron Science Program Working Group (RSPWG) with N. Kardashev and K. Kellermann as co-chairs.

The main task of the group is the formulation and preparationm of the Key Science Programs, preparation and organization of possible prelaunch surveys, and the formalization and prelaunch testing of all modes of observations.  A nearest meeting of the RSPWG is planned to be held in the (northern) Spring of 2003 in order that we can present our initial plans at the (northern) Autumn, 2003 RISC meeting.  Our schedule will allow any prelaunch observations to be made during 2004 with analysis during 2004-2005 prior to the early 2006 launch.

We want to include in our planning all types of observations and all main types of astronomical objects: continuum, MFS, spectral lines, variability, polarization, astrometry, AGN, megamasers, microquasars, masers, and pulsars. Correspondingly we need active experts in all these areas to participate in the RSPWG.

Co-chairs: Ken Kellermann (NRAO). Nikolai Kardashev (ASC LPI).
Secretary: Yuri Kovalev, Jr. (ASC LPI).

List of participants

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