of the RadioAstron Teleconference 4

February 26, 2004

Willem Baan chaired the teleconference.

The agenda of the teleconference and the list of participants are attached as an Appendix A to the Minutes.


The main intents of the teleconference were to discuss the results of Pushchino tests, to develop actions in order to overcome the problem of aging of 6-cm and 18-cm receivers and to understand situation with NASA support for the project.


1.                  Andreyanov informed the participants about the procedure and main results of Pushchino tests. The tests were in general successful: the dish surface accuracy and antenna efficiency were found to be well within the specifications, while measured system temperatures (with engineering receiver models) were found to be notably in excess of expected values. Andreyanov answered all questions clarifying the details of tests. Foreign participants expressed a number of advices that will help ASC specialists to investigate ways to improve the performance of on-board scientific equipment.

2.                  Andreyanov informed the participants about the situation with the flight model of on-board 6-cm receiver which in response on the request from the EVN was prepared for shipment to ASTRON/JIVE for the evaluation of the receiver operational quality since the warranty term was expired. He expressed the gratefulness from the ASC personal for the initiative of the EVN. Andreyanov also informed the participants that ASC has put the order to upgrade all Power Supply Units, which was accepted by the PSU manufacturer firm in Beshkek (Kyrgusstan).

3.                  Popov informed the participants that the situation with 18-cm receiver is not that definite as with the 6-cm one. The draft of formal letter to the CSIRO/ATNF authorities has been sent to Dave Jauncey for his review. The letter requests ATNF to make evaluations of the receiver operational quality or to pass the responsibilities on the receiver performance to the ASC.

4.                  Likhachev informed the participants on the news in interactions with NASA authorities on the modification of the agreement between NASA and RSA on the NASA involvement in the RadioAstron project. He said that recently the list of equipmenthas been received from NASA. The equipment originally was used by Goldstone and Madrid tracking stations, and it will be shipped to Russia for the implementation in Pushchino tracking station. Answering the questions, Likhachev said that the issues of NASA funding for Green Bank tracking station and NRAO VLBA correlator are still under the negotiations between NASA and RSA. Deputy director of RSA G.Polishuk recently has sent formal letter to Ed Weiler, the letter emphasizes that Green Bank tracking station is absolutely necessary for the RadioAstron project.

5.                  There was discussion on the emergency plan for the development of Pushchino tracking station without NASA support. The discussion showed that the situation may cause the delay in mission development.

6.                  The next teleconference was appointedon May 27 2004.


Appendix A

Agenda for the Teleconference on RadioAstron on February 26 2004


1. Sound check and attendance.

2. Review and corrections of the telecon's agenda - W. Baan.

3. Results of Pushchino radio astronomical tests- V. Andreyanov

4. Status of the 6-cm receiver in relation with the EVN initiatives Ц V. Anreyanov

5.Status of the 18-cm receiver Ц M. Popov

6. Information on the progress of NASA involvement .in the mission support Ц S.Likhachev

7. The date of the next teleconference.


List of participants


1.      Andreyanov V., ASC, Russia

2.      Baan W.A., ASTRON, The Netherlands

3.      Bartel N., York University, Canada

4.      Cannon W., CRESTech, Canada

5.      D'Addario L., NRAO, USA

6.      Gurvits L., JIVE, The Netherlands

7.      Van't Klooster K., ESA, The Netherlands

8.      Kanevsky B., ASC, Russia

9.      Kardashev N.S., ASC, Russia

10.  Kellermann K., NRAO, USA

11.  Lobanov A., MPIfR, Germany

12.  Langston G., NRAO, USA

13.  Likhachev S., ASC, Russia

14.  Popov M.V., ASC, Russia

15.  Slysh V.I., ASC, Russia

16.  Vasilkov V.I., ASC, Russia