of the XXVI RadioAstron Meeting
Moscow, 18-20 July 2001

The meeting was hosted by the Astro Space Center, Moscow, Russia

A demonstration of the engineering model of the 10-m space radio telescope (SRT) antenna unfolding, and the engineering models of spacecraft were given by Lavochkin Association (LA). These models will be tested at LA in 2001-2002.

The SRT test facilities were inspected at the site of Pushchino Radio Astronomical Observatory. The facilities are ready for radio astronomical tests of engineering model of SRT in 2002.

The general status of the project was presented by N.S. Kardashev. Main achievements since the previous meeting (Moscow, October 1999) are:

V.E. Babyshkin presented the overall timeline of the RadioAstron mission implementation. It has the following main components:

Current results and the plans for STR and Interferometer tests were reported during meetings at LA and PRAO ASC (see Agenda).

During the Meeting with Deputy Director of ROSAVIAKOSMOS Mr. G.M. Polishuk it was declared that status of the SRT development and the current situation with the test facilities in Pushchino, as well as the provision of necessary funding, ensure the possibility that the scientific payload and spacecraft bus will be ready for launch in the autumn of 2004 - middle of 2005.

Presentations and discussions concerning scientific program of RadioAstron mission have shown necessity to increase angular resolution compared with the VSOP project.

The following actions items have been formulated as a result of general discussion:

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