Report “Laboratory zero-baseline interferometer tests” (ZBT) was prepared and issued in ASC (35 pages including 17 figures and diagrams in Russian language).


The Ground-Space radio interferometer (OVLBI) Radioastron includes several space and ground-based segments which are designed and manufactured by different countries and organizations. That’s why the data and equipment compatibility tests define success of the OVLBI operation as a whole. The tasks and schemes of interferometer tests are considered for zero-baseline interferometer (ZBI) configuration, in laboratory conditions without antennas. The results of preliminary tests of ZBI segments are given; the segments are: space radio telescope and communication radio links (including tracking station simulator), ground radio telescope, registration-playback systems, test correlator. The results of the first stage of ZBI tests for several observation modes are described and analyzed. Detected defects and incompatibilities are listed and the recommendations for future actions are done. ZBI tests (for OVLBI) were implemented in Russia firstly. The tests were implemented by joint team of ASC, JPL and NRAO in 1999.

Full Russian text of the Report in html-format will be prepared later.