III/4 Bibliography of Stellar Radial Velocities (Abt+ 1972)

Bibliography of Stellar Radial Velocities

Abt H.A., Biggs E.S.

<Kitt Peak National Obs., Tucson (1972)>


The data file contains a bibliography of 44,000 references for radial velocities of about 25,000 stars. The individual volumes listed in Table 1 of the Introduction were surveyed for published radial velocities. The authors estimate that 99 percent of stellar radial velocities published by June 1970 are contained in the surveyed volumes. Each record includes star name, HR and HD identifications, RA and Dec (1900), visual magnitude, spectral type, mean velocity corrected for terrestrial motion, number of measures, reference and remarks.


Table 1: Volumes Surveyed

Abbrev. Publication Volumes Surveyed
AAP Astronomy and Astrophysics 1 - 5
AJ Astronomical Journal 1 - 74
APJ Astrophysical Journal 1 - 160
APJS Astrophysical Journal Supplement Series 1 - 19
BAN Bulletin of the Astronomical Institutes of the Netherlands 1-20
BANS Bulletin of the Astronomical Institutes of the Netherlands, Supplement Series 1 - 3 (No. 6)
CAO Publications of the Crimean Astrophysical Observatory 1 - 39
CAPE Annals of the Cape Observatory 1 - 21
DAO Publications of the Dominion Astrophysical Observatory 1 - 13 (No. 12)
JO Journal des Observateurs 1 - 51
LOB Lick Observatory Bulletins 1 - 21
MEM Memoirs of the Royal Astronomical Society 1 - 72 (less 66)
MN Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 1 - 148 (No. 3)
OBS The Observatory 1 - 89
PAO Publications of the Allegheny Observatory 1 - 10
PASP Publications of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific 1 - 81
PDDO Publications of the David Dunlap Observatory 1 - 21 (No. 18)
PDO Publications of the Dominion Observatory 1 - 23
PLO Publications of the Lick Observatory 1 - 21
POHP Publications de l'Observatoire de Haute-Provence 1 - 10 (No. 34)
PUM Publications of the Observatory of the University of Michigan 1 - 11
PYO Publications of the Yerkes Observatory 1 - 9 (No. 2)
RASC Journal of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada 1 - 63
ROB Royal Observatory Bulletin No. 1-No. 157
ZTAP Zeitschrift fur Astrophysik 1 - 69

Table 2: Abbreviations used for Remarks

Abbrev. Meaning
A,B, etc. components of a visual system
A+B both components were observed
ORB orbital elements (for a binary system) are given in the reference
STND standard velocity star
DBL double lines are reported in the reference
TRI triple lines were observed
EM the velocities were derived from emission lines
VAR variable radial velocity according to the reference
FTR the fainter component was observed

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Abt H.A. and Biggs E.S. 1972, Bibliography of Stellar Radial Velocities. Compiled Tucson: Kitt Peak National Observatory.

(End) Julie Anne Watko [SSDOO/ADC] 03-JUN-1996