Putting on white coats before entering the construction bay at the Lavochkin Association. From left: Yuri Kovalev, Germany and Russia (with glasses); Maria Garci Miro, Spain (adjusting sleeve); Nikolay Kardashev, Russia; and Mikhail Popov, Russia (extreme right).

Two space engeneers, Nikolay Babakin and Ruslan Komaev, discuss the spacecraft.

David Jauncey of Australia with the spacecraft.

Leonid Gurvits and David Jauncey in animated discussion.

Carl Gwinn with the spacecraft. 

Norbert Bartel of Canada with the spacecraft.

Hirabayashi-san of Japan with the spacecraft.

Glen Langston of the USA with the spacecraft.

Leonid Kogan with the service module 'Navigator'.

Vladimir Babyshkin explains the service module 'Navigator'.

Hagiwara-san of Japan photographs the service module 'Navigator'.

Mikhail Popov of Russia demonstrates the size of the antenna.

Hirabayashi-san and Glen Langston discuss space VLBI while waiting for the bus to the Lavochkin Association.

An engaging conversation at the banquet including, from left: Betsy Burke, Bernie Burke, Glen Langston (standing), Sergey Likhachev, Larisa Likhacheva, Michael Garrett, Tasso Tzoumis, Igor Vinogradov, Marat Mingaliev (grey hair), Nikolay Babakin (far right).

A humorous moment at the banquet including, from left: Andrei Lobanov, Maria Garcia Miro, Guiseppe Cimo, Murata-san, Vladimir Yakimov, Sandor Frey, Gabriele Giovannini, Leonid Matveenko, Yuri Korneev.

Sandor Frey, Hirabayashi-san, Leonid Matveenko, and Yuri Korneev.

Bernie Burke proposes an amusing toast to the dinner party.

Sergey Likhachev proposes a toast as diners listen attentively.

Michael Garrett explains the details of his proposed toast as Yuri Kovalev translates, and diners listen attentively.

David Jauncey enthusiastically proposes a toast.

Nikolay Kardashev smiles as he proposes a toast.

Yuri Parijskij smiles thoughtfully as Nikolay Kardashev (far right) looks on.

Willem Baan proposes a traditional toast to the ladies.Between M. Mingaliev and N. Babakin - Alexander Ipatov.

The dinner party assembles after the banquet for a group photo.

An energetic dance of Larisa and Yuri finishes up the night's celebrations.

The Presidium of the Russian Academy of Sciences was an excellent meeting place.  Interior and exterior are both quite complicated, and many meeting participants enjoyed the challenge of finding meeting rooms and dining places each day.

As seen from the Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow State University looks like a gingerbread castle presiding over Moscow.

Sputnik Hotel

The Sputnik Hotel.  It was extremely comfortable, with an excellent location, although the music during breakfast was occasionally a little loud.

The Gagarin monument was a great landmark for the region around our hotel, and is an excellent memorial to this young man who captured the imagination of our planet.